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What is GC-PACE?

How PACE works

How it Works

Benefits of PACE


How to Apply

How to Apply

Property Assessed Clean Energy

Property Assessed Clean Energy is an economic development tool designed to assist commercial and industrial building owners to access affordable, long-term financing for clean energy improvements to their buildings.

PACE allows building owners to finance efficiency and renewable energy improvements through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. The repayment obligation transfers automatically to the next owner if the property is sold. Capital is secured by a priority lien on the property, so long-term debt capital can be raised from the private sector.

How GC-PACE Works

PACE uses the same kind of land‐secured financing districts that cities and towns have used for over 100 years to pay for improvements in the public interest.

Special Improvement Districts or SIDs, have helped communities finance everything from sidewalks to hospitals. As a result of legislation passed by the State of Ohio in 2010, building owners seeking to make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements can now use this financing model through the creation of an Energy SID.

PACE programs are implemented locally and are entirely voluntary. Most PACE programs will share the following basic features:

  • Local governments establish a PACE special assessment district.
  • Property owners voluntarily choose to participate; those who choose not to participate see no change to their property assessments.
  • Participants agree to accept a property assessment for 15 to 30 years.
  • An experienced contractor assesses desired improvements, validating energy savings.
  • Debt capital is raised, often by the sale of bonds through a local financing authority, secured by a senior lien on the property, and serviced through assessment payments made from the participating property owner.
How PACE works

Benefits: Empowering Building Owners and Managers

PACE promotes economic development in the commercial, industrial, and nonprofit sector by:

  • Allowing property investments with no net out-of-pocket capital expenses.
  • Realizing immediate positive cash flow with well-developed projects.
  • Providing an extended time horizon in which to achieve payback of improvements.
  • Allowing payments to be treated as pass-through operating expenses.
  • Lowering operating costs while increasing property value.
  • Allowing long-term financing at attractive rates.
Benefits of PACE

How to Apply

Interested property owners should complete the GC-PACE Initial Eligibility Form. It can be completed online or downloaded and returned by email.

To discuss a potential project or to ask questions regarding GC-PACE, contact:

Chris Jones
GC-PACE Program Director
513-621-4232 ext. 121

We look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

GC-PACE Program Director