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SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP – The Kids First Sports Center has become the first building in Sycamore Township to finance an energy efficiency and improvement project through the innovative OHIO PACE program.

PACE, a program offered by the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, is a simple and effective method to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to commercial, retail, industrial, non-profit and multi-family buildings. The PACE program – which is being used across Ohio and the nation – provides financing for 100 percent of an energy project’s cost and is repaid for up to 25 years with a voluntary special assessment added to the property’s tax bill.

Kids First Sports Center – a 108,000-square-foot youth sports facility and pre-school at 7900 E. Kemper Road – used PACE to finance a $650,000 energy efficiency and improvement project that included the installation of rooftop solar energy panels that produce 150 kilo-watt hours, the replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED lighting and the installation of new insulation panels in the facility’s gymnasium.

Kids First owner Jeff Metzger said the improvements will reduce the facility’s energy costs by 50 percent.

“We’ve used solar panels in the past, so I know how effective they can be,” Metzger said. “But we started looking at making improvements, the folks we work with brought up The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance and the PACE program, which I had not heard of.”

“I’m very pleased that we utilized the PACE program,” he said. “If a building owner or operator can make the numbers work, then I highly recommend it. You not only save energy costs but you are making a contribution to more energy efficiency. It’s a tremendous approach to improving buildings and the environment.”

Sycamore Township is a proven leader in green energy. In addition to supporting PACE, the Township’s Station 93 firehouse is powered by solar panels and has become Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, said Tom Weidman, president of the Sycamore Township Board of Trustees.

The Sycamore Townships Board of Trustees also voted earlier this year to create an Energy Special Improvement District, which allows communities contiguous to the Township to take advantage of PACE financing.

“Sycamore Township is proud to have been able to facilitate green energy improvements for Kids First and Jeff Metzger,” said Tom Weidman, president of the Sycamore Township Board of Trustees. “The Township Trustees are strong supporters of green energy as evidenced by our 60 kilowatt-hour solar field at Station 93. We are also proud to have created the first Township sponsored Energy Special Improvement District (ESID) with help from the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance. It is our hope that other Township businesses are able to use this financing method to improve their properties.”

OHIO PACE serves as a program administrator that works with property owners to secure PACE financing for qualified energy projects, coordinating efforts with local governments and connecting property owners with private PACE lenders and contractors to ensure the successful funding and installation of energy projects.

PACE Program Director Chris Jones said the Kids First improvements “are a tremendous example of a successful public-private partnership that provides financing and energy efficiency to a property owner.”

Other members of the team that worked on the Kids First OHIO PACE project included National Energy Control, Greenworks Lending, Huntington Bank, Bricker and Eckler Attorneys at Law, Priority 1 Construction Services, and Duke Energy.

More about OHIO PACE

OHIO PACE is a program administrator that works with property owners to secure PACE financing for qualified energy projects. It coordinates efforts with local governments and connects property owners with private PACE capital providers and contractors to ensure the successful funding and installation of energy projects. To learn more about PACE visit

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